I spent one month traveling through the west coast and visited the most beautiful National Parks in the USA. During my first visit to the US, there were truly phenomenal conditions for astrophotography. Let's take a look at some night photos from this trip.

The Trona Pinnacles, California

The photo below is from an area in the Mojave desert just a few hours northeast of Los Angeles. The Trona Pinnacles, an unusual geological landscape feature.

There wasn't a breath of wind and the sky above seemed like an endless ocean of stars. After a very cloudy and rainy day, I was rewarded with a breathtaking spectacle in a clear sky. Eventually, it was one of my most favorite nights under the glow of the Milky Way. Believe in your dreams.

milkyway_USA_havel (5 of 5).jpg

This view is from the dirt road leading to the pinnacles. The spires rise out of the isolated desert near the town of Trona in San Bernardino These formations reach as high as 140 feet and create a dramatic impression in the isolated desert landscape.

The Trona Pinnacles makes a cool location for every landscape photographer and ranks as one of the most interesting rock formations in the US.

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

Making this picture was really a challenge. This photo ended up becoming my the most favorite Milky Way shots ever. The photo is from the second night of my adventure trip at Arches National Park in Utah. The evening was very cloudy and I wanted to give it up. Eventually, I was rewarded with a breathtaking spectacle in a clear sky. The sky part is a stacked of 8 shots. The foreground consists of two photos. The silhouette and the shot of Delicate Arch. I used the headlamp to illuminate the Arch.

milkyway_USA_havel (1 of 5).jpg

Zion National Park

In the summer days, Zion National Park is totally overcrowded with tourists. Many Zion visitors stay for sunset and then drive home or on to their next destination.

For everyone who stays later, the dark night in Zion is filled with thousands of stars, above the majestic silhouette of red mountains. It is an entirely different and memorable experience. The Milky Way above The Watchman Zion is a great place to start shot the night sky.

Another very interesting place for stargazing is Oregon. You have plenty of options. Oregon is full of unspoiled, pristine nature so you can see thousands upon thousands of stars with your naked eye. So just check the light pollution map and get to work. A super destination is Crater Lake.


Venture outside main cities and lets surrounded yourself by endless stars.

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