The country where the sun „never sets“ will always be in my mind and I will never forget these breathtaking memories. I will always come back with enthusiasm and expectation of new experiences.

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It's a fabulously quiet island in the north of Norway. Its dramatic scenery offers views you have never dreamed of. The infinitely rugged coastline and dozens of peaks you can climb. Before you get used to life here, you feel like you're on another planet for a while.

The wild and untouched Senja lets you spend a trip in harmony with nature. You will realize that perhaps our planet is not so bad. There are no crowds of tourists and you will meet only a few other hikers during your journey. You will probably enjoy the views from the tops totally alone. You will be enchanted by the fjords that surround the island. It is interesting that it lies very close to the mainland and you can get there easily, just cross the bridge near the town of Finnsnes.


Continue on the main road number 86. Then just choose and turn to the side road that takes you to the coast. You should not miss Ånderdalen National Park, which offers beautiful long treks. Senja is the second largest island in Norway and if you visit it, be sure you will reach the north. Drive the entire coast by car and pick the peaks you want to climb.

The most famous and truly the most interesting hike on the island is to the summit of Segla. Its steep sharp peak rises from the sea to the height of 639 meters. If you have dizziness, do not even look over the edge. The hike to the top and down takes from 3 to 4 hours in total (5 km round trip).

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Because this mountain is not known as much as other Norwegian cliffs (Preikestolen, Trolltunga), you will not meet too many tourists here.


The trail begins in the small but beautiful village of Fjordgård, which is full of multicolored houses. Specifically, there are two hiking trails. The first begins from the edge of the village directly to the summit of Segla, the second leads from the middle part of the village.


The most beautiful and famous view to the Segla mountains is from the side mountain Hesten, which is even easier to climb than the Segla itself. The summit itself ends with an almost infinity cliff and the views to all sides are breathtaking.

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Do not be afraid of discovering less known views and paths. There are many of them. Exploring is a very important part in the process of growing, not only as an artist but as a person as well. It’s where you discover yourself, who you are and what you want to be.

Enjoy the endless beauty of northern Norway, a country where the sun never sets.